Precision Tooling

Burcas ltd is a leading manufacturer of Precision Tools and Dies

Established in 1941, Burcas Limited is today a leading Precision Tool manufacturer of Dies, Punches and Wear Parts for the Bearing, Spark Plug, Small Arms Ammunition and Fastener industry throughout the World.

Punches-Hot and Cold

Ejector, Extrusion, Forging, Piercing-manufactured from Tungsten carbide (solid and tipped) and High Speed steel.

Heading Dies

Extrusion, Plain Hole and Pre-Stressed assemblies. Dies designed to out perform conventional die assemblies.

Ancillary Tooling

Cut off Tooling, Transfer mechanisms – Fingers and Arms, Feed Rolls, Punch and Die Blocks.

Work Rest Blades

Tungsten carbide Tipped, HSS Tipped, or standard solid steel.

Wear Parts

From many hard materials, including Ceramics, Tungsten Alloys and Tungsten Carbides

Press Tools

The Press Tool Division are specialists in the design and manufacture of High Precision Press Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Gauges. From this division we offer a complete service from tool design to manufacture including a regrind service and the capacity for the manufacture of Precision Tooling.

Bandsaw Milling Cutters, Hacksaw Milling Cutters & Special Cutters

Burcas Ltd manufactures a wide range specialised cutting products including thread mills, die sinkers, hollow mills, rotor blade cutters, step drills, step reamers and spline cutters

Most are produced with a spiral lead but when the customer does not have the capability to regrind spirals we interlock the cutters enabling them to be set up with all cutting faces parallel for regrinding or staggered for cutting. We also interlock spiral fluted cutters when the customer requires a length of cut greater than 330mm (13″).

We design the cutting geometry of the cutter around the customer desired finish form and we always verify the cutters by machining a test piece. Our CAD drawing office backed up with many years of experience produce drawing and layouts from customers' component specifications.

Customers include:

  • Starrett
  • Kessel
  • Fitchburg
  • Armstrong
  • Hilverkus

A Full Range Of Services

In addition to precision aerospace machining we also offer a range of other services

Precision Machining

Precision Tooling

Paper & Plastic Cutting Tools

Inventory Management (Kanban)

Hard Metal Supplies