Our Quality

Inspection Capability

Our range of specialist measuring equipment includes:

  • Wenzel X055 CMM
  • Wenzel LH1210 CMM
  • Optiv 321GC Classic optical CMM
  • Taylor Hobson Talysurf 10
  • RT-80 Surface tester
  • Talyrond 200 roundness Testing machine together with all associated equipment
  • Tesa-hite digital height Gauge
  • Tesa-hite 700
  • Tesa Scan 50
  • Mitutoyo Contracer CP-21 contour machine
  • Starrett Optimax profile Projector

We also utilize the following equipment during our product inspections:

  • Standard Slip Gauges
  • Digital Micrometers up to 12″
  • Analogue Micrometers up to 20″
  • Digital Calipers
  • Digital Bore Gauges 6mm to 125mm
  • Digital Height Gauges up to 100mm
  • Diatest
  • Digital Comparator
  • Surface Tables
  • Lever and Plunger DTI's
  • Thread Gauges / Pin Gauges / Settings Rings

All our equipment is calibrated to UKAS standards

Key Objectives

The 5 “S”

The 5 “S”

Burcas embrace the 5S methodology and operate a safe, clean, efficient working environment
21st Century Outlook

21st Century Outlook

We embrace new technologies and techniques which can allow us to deliver to a higher standard
Efficient Supply Chain

Efficient Supply Chain

We continuously optimize our processes to improve speed of delivery without sacrificing our rigorous approach to quality
Reducing Customer Rejects

Reducing Customer Rejects

We constantly tighten our quality processes to ensure that sub-standard products never leave the factory floor

A Full Range Of Services

In addition to precision aerospace machining we also offer a range of other services

Precision Machining

Precision Tooling

Paper & Plastic Cutting Tools

Inventory Management (Kanban)

Hard Metal Supplies