The Burcas Commitment

What we strive for

At Burcas our strategic intent is development through investment and to develop a total capability whilst continually improving on performance in order to completely satisfy our customers with the consequence of growth.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We believe that our our customers deserve satisfaction based on capable processes managed by experienced teams

High Technological Competence

We constantly face forwards and embrace the latest technological breakthroughs in both manufacturing and processes

Total Precision

We maintain the up most precision and quality standards in all our machined parts

Rapid Response Capability

We operate a repeater/runner/speed shop where quantity and quick turnover is required

Exact Quality Standards

We only deliver to the highest standard and maintain rigorous quality checks during all stages of planning and production

Reliable Deliveries

We pride ourselves on delivering on time, in full, every single time.

Highly Competitive

Our prices are extremely competitive without any compromise on quality or service

Machine 3

A Full Range Of Services

In addition to precision aerospace machining we also offer a range of other services

Precision Machining

Precision Tooling

Paper & Plastic Cutting Tools

Inventory Management (Kanban)

Hard Metal Supplies