Inventory Management (Kanban)

Burcas offer a total Kanban Inventory Management solution where efficiency and speed of delivery is paramount to your business needs.

What is Kanban Inventory Management?

The Inventory management system (Kanban) utilises bar-coded containers at the customer's site to manage stock levels. Once an empty container is scanned Burcas are automatically notified and a sales order is raised to replenish the stock levels. Replacement stock is delivered on site within 24 hours without the need for a manually raised purchase order or manual stock recording.

Not only does this eliminate the risk of stock shortages, we also provide monthly reports to help customer's improve efficiency, lower costs, and to reduce the level of stock which must be maintained on site.

The Burcas Kanban Service

  • All parts are fully inspected and certified
  • Immediate (24hrs max) replenishment of used tools
  • Removal of manual purchase order system to order parts
  • Accurate tool usage reports
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Prices and costs reduced on an annual basis

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Inventory Management (Kanban)

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